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how to loose extra weight quickly?

I am 5″10 and my weight is 75 Kg, i think i am 6-7 kg more, so i want some quick tips to loose my extra kilos.

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5 Responses to “how to loose extra weight quickly?”

  1. ? said :

    have tried vomiting 14 times a day

  2. noura s said :

    you can crash diet.. but from my own experience, it just stays off until u start eating normal again.. then you gain it back.. but dude.. i only tried that with 2kgs.. 6-7 is unreasonable.. and it is unhealthy to lose that much weight on a crash diet.. try to lose it slower and excersize as much as you can.

  3. TelAvivit said :

    Your a man. You not supposed to a chick. You actually sound to skinny to me.

  4. Shawirma A said :

    cant do it quickly

  5. Philip M said :



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