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How to loose a lot of weight quickly.?

Please no stupid answers like starve yourself. I know you have to eat right and excersize ive lost like 45 pounds this year. i am almost 14 and i am 140 pounds, my weight veries from day to day really. One day i was 150 then i was 140 then i was 146 then i was 142, so it veries. i dont know why it changes all the time like this but it does. i want to look better in a bikini, and is there any ways that anyone knows or has used before that eliminates fat quickly? Thanks.

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3 Responses to “How to loose a lot of weight quickly.?”

  1. Jennn<3 said :

    I did a few laps of random doggy paddle
    Trust me its harder than it sounds
    becuase it uses all muscles
    and I lost about 5 pounds for doing that
    for about 1 hour
    Good luck!

  2. JaDe said :

    Well i have found this site has a lot of exercises you can do. Just check it out and see if any of these work outs could be helpful to u. Also you should weigh yourself in the morning(cause all of your food have been digested by then), with no clothes on, and you can weigh yourself after you have a bowel movement. So just don’t weigh yourself with clothes on or after you have eaten anything.

  3. m 3 g @ n said :

    swimming, running, jogging, and thing that gets your body moving, crunches, sit ups
    just eat organic foods
    and get lots of fiber, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins a-e


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