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How to keep my potted underwater plants healthy?

I have two potted underwater plants for my freshwater tank. How should I ensure that they are kept healthy so they can keep my fish healthy and interested? they got a bit rattled in the bag from the pet shop to home…

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8 Responses to “How to keep my potted underwater plants healthy?”

  1. rose_merrick said :

    I had lillies, didn’t need to do much to them, just make sure they stayed underwater. the fish tend to eat them though

  2. PhilNKS said :

    Don’t put a pacu, silver dollar (fish) or any cichlids in the tank. Otherwise treat them like any other indoor plant. Well you don’t have to remember to water them, and most likely you won’t have to fertilize them either.

  3. Da Ben Dan said :

    give them about 12 hours of bright light a day (no direct sunlight) and a little aquarium plant fertilizer.

  4. nat said :

    i find i turn my lights off on my tank at 10.30pm and then i turn it on about 6am and my plants r going great.just becarful u don’t get bad plants.some do get snails on them and i have got some with deseases on them u have to be carefulwat u put in ur tank

  5. Black Orchid said :

    You can buy little bags of fertiliser for tanks or you can buy a liquid fertiliser i find the bags are better because you can forget about them for 3 months i leave my tank light on for about 10 hours and my plants are really healthy

  6. G said :

    different plants have different requirements. in general you might want to invest in some aquarium plant fertilizer. if you know what they are it is a lot easier to figure out what to do with it.

  7. marge s said :

    i get some plant feed for mine ,ask at your local pet store thats were i get mine from .

  8. Lolli the girl next door said :

    Fertiliser blocks are better than liquid, the plants take in nutrients from the roots.
    Your local aquatic shop usually stocks Hagen products
    Hagen sell plant sticks that you can place directly underneath the roots, one stick lasts for a year, you get 6 sticks in a pack.

    Depending on what plants you bought depends on how much light they need, some thrive on low levels of lighting, some thrive on 8hrs+

    I have 12 different species of plants in my 5ft tank, for example vallis, java fern and amazon swords. I have one plant stick under every plant and only have my lights on for 6 hours (5pm-11pm) the room is light any way with no direct sunlight.

    My advice would be to experiement with lighting, too much light causes algae, too little and the plants suffer

    Hope that has helped?
    Lolli x


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