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How to I figure out what power supply will fit my computer?

I have a 240 watt power supply in my HP Compaq dc5000 MT computer. I have bought a game card that requires a higher watt power supply. I bought a 500 watt power supply but it didn’t fit my computer. How do I get a power supply that is compatible with my computer?
I keep going to different sites and none of them tell me anything that clears the question up. I just keep getting more confused. Someone please help.

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3 Responses to “How to I figure out what power supply will fit my computer?”

  1. Asuni said :

    Well first off, you can actually measure the outside dimensions of the old PSU and from there, use that as a guideline prior to purchasing a new one. In general most PSU are compatible in all most cases unless the original one is case specific for mini towers, slim cases, or server components.

    From the little information given sound like your old one was a mini or micro designed for a slim tower or mini desktop case. And if thats the case, you are also limited to the amount of power available to small PSU’s.

    The problem here is the case and not the components, if you like to keep that case, you’ll have to find a PSU that can fit in that case. Because you’ve already purchased the PSU, all you’ll need is a new case, then its just a matter of un-assembling the old computer and re-assembling it all in the new case with the new power supply. If you are inexperienced in building computers, you may find a computer store that will do it for you for a fee, or a friend with tech experience.

    Its pretty easy if you’ve never done it, its just a matter of screwing things together in a particular order (depends on the case you have). From the link below, its a micro tower, so it probably means its a mATX (mini or micro) sized motherboard as well, so you’d have to find a case that can take mATX sized motherboards.

  2. Rhyled said :

    Here’s the support manual for that PC:

    Unfortunately, PC manufacturers sometimes used non-standard size components, which looks to be the situation here. Moving everything into a new case is going to be the simplest solution, as I doubt you’ll be able to find a compatible sized power supply.

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