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How to get tenants to stop smoking?

I’ve asked my first floor tenants to stop smoking and they don’t seem to listen to a word I say. What are my rights and how can I get them to stop smoking?
FYI: most apartments in Chicago do not have contracts, but there are still actions you can take. But what are they?

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6 Responses to “How to get tenants to stop smoking?”

  1. Mary Jo W said :

    be glad you have tenants.
    paying smokers beat an empty apartment

  2. Justin R said :

    if it wasn’t in the contract that you signed with them when they moved in you can’t do anything. sorry

  3. brianwilsonrocks!!!!!!!!! said :

    Tell them that it’s your building (I’m assuming it is) and then tell them that your building is your property, and you can make them leave if they don’t stop smoking. That’s one good thing about capitalism: You have a right to your property.

  4. ProudMomof3 said :

    They’re not breaking the law, and they’re not breaking the contract. You have to live with them smoking in THEIR apartment.

  5. jackson said :

    If it is not specified in a lease or contract there is nothing that can be done. If you rent out other space to new tenants you can start adding it to a lease. But you can’t make it retroactive for the old tenants.

    Any legal action or steps would never stand up in court.

  6. Keith Brown said :

    i don’t know if there is any legal action that you can take. I’m a RE Agent in NJ. You can refer them to the quit smoking site that I used when i quit…thats if they want to quit…you might try offering incentives for them to smoke outside…rent coupons or a free maid service once a month (this benefits you as the landlord as well – a clean apartment is better to flip tenants ;)…I have an investor in Chicago that put sensitive smoke detectors in the rooms as an initial push to get them outside, smoking. If you have any other questions, my site is in the sources – you can find the quit smoking link there as well. Feel free to email me. Cheers


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