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How to get bigger biceps and lose belly fat?

Hi, how do i get like bigger arms? I do like 15 chin ups, 30 push ups and 60 sit ups. Will i lose my belly fat and gain bigger biceps by continuing this? And I am planning to eat right and do all that stuff. Jog, run etc. And no pills…

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4 Responses to “How to get bigger biceps and lose belly fat?”

  1. Rajinder said :

    What you gain by getting bigger biceps.

    People say that it is all muscles. Muscles are more water They burn more calories. So when you stop working out why you lose all muscles. Why the gain is not permanent. All you gain is toxics. You need to clean up the toxics every day. When you stop doing that you mess up your body.

    After a work out your blood acids and other minerals go up. Cells expand. Tissues become larger.

    After that you eat. Whatever you eat goes in (because of larger cell and tissues). Since these are larger than what your body can process so you show up. These are arrested in that place. You need to feed them every day clean them every day. If you do not they start messing up your body.

    The under mentioned will help to clean up the toxics much better and make you a healthy person.

  2. Eric said :

    Forget about sit ups first of all. They are bad for your neck and lower back, and aren’t even that good at building muscle. Crunches and planks are much better. All the ab exercises in the world, however, will NOT make you lose belly fat. There’s no such thing as targeted fat loss, it’s simply not possible without liposuction. To lose that belly fat you need to start eating right (at least 5-6 small meals or healthy snacks through the day) and do more cardio. The more cardio you do the quicker you’ll be able to burn off excess fat, but more cardio also means you won’t build up muscle as fast.

    How often are you doing your 15 chin ups and 30 push ups? Those two exercises alone won’t do much at all for you. The only way to really make progress and get bigger muscles is to put together a much more complex routine that will hit all of your muscle groups. Never work the same muscles 2 days in a row though (including your abs) because all muscles require at least 48-72 hours to rest and repair after a workout. Try to put together a routine with about 6-9 different exercises each day.

    Even if you only care about your biceps looking bigger, you still don’t work them every day. Working the same muscles too often without giving them the proper time (and protein) they need to repair, you can actually LOSE muscle mass, and become weaker. Also, as weird as it sounds, if you want your biceps to look bigger, work harder on your TRICEPS. Your triceps make up 2/3rds of your upper arm muscle, whereas the biceps only make up about 1/3rd. Having bigger triceps will really make your biceps look a lot more full. Chin ups work your back and biceps, push ups work your chest and triceps. While you can still do those (and should), you should add several other exercises to your routine as well. One day you could do a few sets of chin ups, then a few sets of straight barbell curls, followed by a few sets of dumbell curls maybe. Then the next day do your push ups, followed by 3 sets of dips (as many as you can do each set with 2 minutes rest in between each set), then a few sets of dumbell overhead raises (the biggest weight you can use to get 3 sets of 8-12 reps with perfect form).

    There are many other exercises and variations you can, and should, add to your routine. But if you do at the very _LEAST_ what I mentioned above, no more than once or twice a week to allow time for your muscles to heal, you should start to see results in as little is 6 or 8 weeks.

  3. John said :

    You have choices but they all boil down to reducing your calories and increasing your activity.
    If you’re burning more than you’re consuming you’ll lose weight. How you get there is entirely up to you.
    Do you plan to keep it off or are you just needing to lose it for a special occasion that’s coming up?
    This is how i exercise to lose i strongly suggest it.

  4. Monie said :

    im going thu the same problem….im soo skinny but when it comes to my tummy, its a little bit mmore fatt, i just want to turn it to mucle!!!


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