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How to get a flat tummy and slimmer thighs for school?

I’m almost 15 and will be a freshman in high school. I weigh 116 lbs., size 2, and I want to look good when school starts. I’d like to know how to get my tummy flat and how to make my thighs slimmer. Anyone know how?
Thanks for the answers! I’ll definitley ditch soda and drink things like milk and tea! I’ll also get more excersise in as well! Thanx again! ~_^

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4 Responses to “How to get a flat tummy and slimmer thighs for school?”

  1. manda said :

    start eating healthier.
    kick out soda drinks fer sure.
    and exercise

  2. 99leadpencils said :

    lol, forget losing weight! Just eat healthy and buy new clothes. There’s nothing wrong with your weight. Spend your time on style, or if you go to a uniformed school, figure out lots of ways you can do your hair and makeup.

  3. Bella-Marie said :

    wow… i think you’re good! my sister was a size 6 on her freshman year. but that’s because it’s in both our genes to have a large waist and thunder thighs. then again, i work out using exercise TV and i go jogging 7 miles every night [it’s not easy] i try to refrain from junk food but it never works. then again, having 2 bottles of water a day gets me going and eating breakfast lunch and dinner with a fruit in between breakfast and lunch… so, get used to that… except, keep away from the junk food. don’t do it my way 😉

  4. lily123 said :

    JUst eat healthier. exersice.
    you can look in magizines like 17magiznes, that show ways to fat on your stomach, and thighs,legs,back,etc.


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