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how to gain weight-i’ve lost a bit?! (unwanted)?

I seem to have lost weight even though i am eating normally,and think its because of when i went away a few months ago and didnt eat as mch as usual.My bum’s kind of shrunk (which sucks coz it used to look good-as i got told) and i feel so skinny and gross! I’m eating my usual 3 meals a day,and lots of rubbish,but still nothing.I’ve asked my parents if im allowed to have those Weight Gain drinks but they said no,and belive me they mean no!
So is there any healthy way to put some weight on? and no,i hate the skiny look,and i have a boyfriend who likes the curvy figure which i used to have!
thank you!!! xxx 🙂

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7 Responses to “how to gain weight-i’ve lost a bit?! (unwanted)?”

  1. shooting-star said :

    drink a pint of whole milk every night-worked for me!! good luck!

  2. On the Wagon (again!) said :

    Can we swop?


    I’m getting soo fat :-((

  3. irishgirl7000 said :

    put on muscles not fat run and eat right and have a snack very once in a while

  4. xsourapple said :

    Try Not To Eat Junk Food, That’ll Just Make You Un-Healthy. Make Sure You Are Eating Well ( Which You Are ) And Belive It Or Not Exercising The Part Of The Body You Want To Gain Weight On Will Make It Look Bigger. Instead Of Fat It Will Be Muscle.

    <3 Apple

  5. Kate said :

    I completely know how you feel and I just went through something similar. I would go to a nutritionist who can give you the proper diet, which if you follow, you will gain weight. You do not have to be anorexic to go to a nutritionist because I sure was not. Basically, the nutritionist gave me a food plan for the next month which consisted of milkshakes, pastas, meats, cheeses, ENSURE (drink a lot of ensure and it is a healthy drink) and other fatty foods that are not bad for you. Keep on eating 3 meals a day and talk to a nutritionist or your physician immediately and you will start to pack on the pounds, I promise.

  6. putonyourflipflops said :

    I have the same problem….with the disappearing bum! just eat when you are hungry and try not to miss any meals. I usually find when I loose weight it doesn’t take long to put it back if I make sure I eat enough (I am a very busy working mum and sometimes don’t make the time missing lunch or breakfast!)sometimes it takes longer depending on whats happening in my life, stress makes the problem much worse so try not to worry about it .That will help.

  7. Catrina M said :

    Well you are in a position that most women would die for, in your case the opposite, if your a naturally slim person, loosing any weight needs to be addressed, have you any anxiety’s about something or has something happened recently that is worrying you, don’t eat junk food because that will make you feel worse, you will feel lethargic and have no energy, if it gets any worse then please see a GP just to rule things out, I’m not sure how old you are but maybe a growth spurt. There are plenty of nutrition drinks on the market, ensure is one of them, its like a meal in a carton, full of good stuff like vitamins etc, good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.


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