How to diet quickly!?!?

I weigh about 10.5 stone how do loose weight very quickly?

i was thinking about not eating anything for a month but taking vitamin supplements and drinking water to fill me up i think this is ok as long as i drink water alot?
Thankyou for answers ill only try 3 weeks then see how it goes i shall take vitamin supplements and drink water.

ty for help

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4 Responses to “How to diet quickly!?!?”

  1. Ralph R said:

    Google: Fasting

  2. britney said:

    you will probably die if you dont have food for a month. The body can only survive as long as 1-2 weeks without food. and thats for those who are strong. Trust me honey, there is no way you could go a month without solid food.

    If you want to LOSE (not loose) weight quickly just remember you wont be losing fat – you will be losing water weight and muscle (which you will probably never regain). And also because you have slowed down your metabolism, when you start eating again you will put on even more FAT and gain weight instead of losing/maintaining it.

  3. Mrs. Bueler said:

    If you eat small, healthy meals throughout the day – you would lose more weight than if you didn’t eat for a month. By eating regularly, especially vitamin rich foods, your metabolism will get faster because it knows it doesn’t have to store up fats in your body because you’ve proven that your body will be getting food again.
    If you want to stay full for long periods of a time, water can only do so much – try snacking on almonds, put flax seed on foods you eat, have a good breakfast (oatmeal with a piece of fruit).

    The worse thing you could do to lose weight though, is to not eat. You may lose pounds at first, but as soon as you put food in your mouth – your body will store it somewhere at least for a reserve!

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