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How to cut the angle and notch of a hand rail to fit a turned porch post?

My husband needs to cut a notch at an angle out of two hand rails to fit around the corner of the posts on the porch. The posts are turned and the rail will meet the posts at the corners. So he has to get the hand rail which is coming up to the post at an angle to fit around that 90 degree corner snugly.
Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “How to cut the angle and notch of a hand rail to fit a turned porch post?”

  1. Pengy said :

    Make a cardboard template of the post and use that to transfer to the handrail

  2. Jim said :

    Run a string in place of where you want the rail to go. Hold a short piece of wood or cardboard along the line, and scribe it. Transfer the angles to the piece you want to cut. Viola!

  3. chris j said :

    Dry fit a piece where you need it and scribe lines on the angles you need. Tip: A good rule of thumb when cutting trim is to always cut it a little heavy and trim to fit, a little at a time.

  4. floor.refinisher said :

    use cardboard to make a template and then use a scrap piece of wood same thickness as rail and work with it til you get the right angle and then use it to cut out your rails.

  5. Amy Stern said :

    This is a very important detail. My advice to you would be to check out my employer’s site. McGraw-Hill can definitely help you. They have CAD details you can download from their site and everything else you need to construct these hand rails successfully.


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