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How to convice my dad to stop smoking?

My dad has been smoking for as long as I can remember. He started when he was a teenager, he smokes outside and no infront of my sister and I because he doesn’t want us to start. I really want him to stop because I don’t want him to die. I know it’s his choice but anyways I can help him stop? Thanks.

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6 Responses to “How to convice my dad to stop smoking?”

  1. Mrs. Lautner said:

    flush all his cigs down the toilet.
    Tell him hes slowing killing himself and he will be sorry when he gets lung cancer.
    And its his fault and we all know it’s addicting, but smoking is a slow, painful death.

  2. I Love Babies said:

    Sorry, but it is up to him.

  3. Magnus said:

    Tell him to buy nicotine gum it will make him smoke much much less and eventually he will stop

  4. ria&ian said:

    Threaten to extend ur xmas list.

    in all honesty u can convince him to do it as im sure u have for years.. however thers nothing stopping u reminding him of the side affects of and knowledge etc..


  5. Kay babi said:

    Talk to your dad. Tell him you love him and dont want to lose him……….my grandmother has lung cancer from smoking and she is miserable. She cant do most anything she could do before. Tell your dad that he is not only sacrificing his health but your health too. Talk to him, he will probably listen.

  6. robert c said:


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