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How to build arm tone and muscle with only dumbbells?

I want to know what movements i could do to build muscle in my arms, lower and upper.
I have dumbbells only.
I don’t want to be like a bodybuilder, just medium/small muscles.
Thank you.

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4 Responses to “How to build arm tone and muscle with only dumbbells?”

  1. Munga said :

    check out this blog for some great muscle building tips and techniques

  2. georel_ulangkaya said :

    for biceps:
    alternately open and close your arms(with dembbells) in front of you.
    alternately open and close your arms, front-back motion.
    for triceps:
    raise your elbow on top of your ear. hold it with the other hand so that it would be fixed on the side of your head. slowly lift the dumbbell up and down.

    for more:

  3. Cukus said :

    I read a blog written by a guy called Scott where he explains about 2 new bodybuilding supplements. He calls it the Hollywood combo as these are apparently what the celebrities in Hollywood use to get ripped for films, and also some MMA fighters use them.

  4. Darrin_lean_muscle said :

    I’m not sure why you only want to build your arms, but the two best arms exercises don’t even require dumbbells: chin-ups and dips. You can google them for instructions.

    But if you really want arms-only, then biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions are decent. Again, you can google them for videos on how to do them.


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