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How to become healthier and slimmer with temptations?

I am keen on becoming a healthier and slimmer person yet my family keep buying tempting food like unhealthy snacks, chocolate, ice cream and there is always hot chocolate powder in the cupboard. I can’t tell them to stop because that would be unreasonable for them. How can i resist temptation?

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2 Responses to “How to become healthier and slimmer with temptations?”

  1. dstlouisluv said :

    I have the same problem, what I do is go buy myself or have my mom get me sum of those 100 calorie snacks. Hostess and Little Debbie make them too. That way, I can have my “sweet treat” for the day and that will satisfy me. I also tell my mom to hide any snacks from me and just don’t tell me where it’s hidden, b/c I admit, if I see it, I will end up eating it!

  2. Justine S said :

    Basically, just balance your self. Don’t get too worried about it, but in case you do give in and have a few cookies (or whatever) than go for a walk, or a run, or do something active.


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