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How the heck am I supposed to loose weight quickly?

i am almost 13 i am 5’3 and I don’t have a flat stomach like from genetics, like i weight about 107. just trust me i am not skinny, i have almost abs..but how can i loose about 5 pounds in maybe 2 weeks or 1 and get a flatter stomach cuz like my friend and i weight the same but since she genetically has a flat stomach she is much skinnier.
And when i sit down my tummy goes out and i look really really FAT. i want my stomach to just stay flat when i do things and sit down. I dont want my stomach to bulge…. please help remember i kinda need to do this in like 1-3 weeks. and i am willing to work hard, but i need to know if i should totally eat less like how many calories or should i just do a million situps or WHAT?? please help thanks so so much

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9 Responses to “How the heck am I supposed to loose weight quickly?”

  1. chichi said :

    the only thing you can do is eat healthy and do abb exercises

    i’m also trying to tone up for poms next july

  2. Jay said :

    Go jogging to lose weight all over your body, exercise bike for your legs, crunches for your tummy.

  3. Lila said :

    No reason to lose weight. you sound perfect the way you are. Maybe you should try to talk to you parents about this so that you can just start to feel better about yourself.

  4. shell bell said :

    take a brisk 30 minute walk everyday. i did that (plus the south beach diet) and lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks

  5. ? said :

    please little sister, it doesn’t matter how you look, you’re a strong person for real. i would like you to tell your parent about this website :- www. it will help you alot, please i encourage you to visit it. thanks

  6. ... said :

    do lots of situps.
    and you cant make your stomach stay flat when you sit down, that stomach bulge happens to everyone while sitting.
    i bet it even happens to your skinny friend.

  7. KK said :

    Get some therapy for those body image issues, please.

    You are already too thin for your height, not overweight in any sense of the word. Jesus what is WRONG with young girls these days?

  8. Amy P said :

    You do not need to lose weight, you are at a healthy weight! And there is no “magic” way to lose it that fast without hurting yourself. You can do toning exercises along with cardio if you want a flat stomach, but that takes TIME. Women need to learn to be happy with their bodies and stop thinking that they’re not beautiful because they’re thin but don’t have a flat enough stomach, or whatever. You’re probably thinner than you give yourself credit for, you’re just not happy with the way your body looks.

  9. ? said :

    First of all, I’m 5’2″, 17 and was at 167 lbs in March. THAT’S what you call fat. So don’t say you look “really really FAT”. You don’t know the definition of “fat” my dear. Since then, I have lost 35 lbs… I used to despise girls like you when I was your age. And honestly, guy’s don’t like twigs. When they hold you they want something to hold on to. Your friend probably never eats or something. Food is wonderful!
    but that’s not answering your question.

    For your age, you should have 1600-2000 calories per day. 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day is good. Moderate meaning walking or riding a bike, no hard jogging is really necessary.

    It’s really all about portion control. You can eat what ever you want but too much is never good. Keep an eye on your calorie intake. Eating less than 1600 won’t help you lose weight though, you just won’t have the right nutrition. Sorry to break it to ya!

    Check out the Body Mass Index site I attached, just to prove to you that your body is perfect just the way you are

    Good Luck!


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