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How stop diarrhoea, is it any medicine or home remedy for it?

I have it for two days it’s horrible.I heard that chamomile tea can stop it but i’ve also heard that it can cause it.What’s the truth?

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11 Responses to “How stop diarrhoea, is it any medicine or home remedy for it?”

  1. Julie C said :

    drink only water for 48 hours imodum may help

  2. Paula P said :

    Stop the chammomile, it will loosen you up. thats what i use for my dogs constipation.
    they do sell, a tablet for it at the chemists. one dose should stop it. its cheap and works.
    in u.k they call it immodium or immodium plus, but all chemists sell their own version

  3. GemzLuvsMichaelJackson said :

    drink lots of water and take vitamin C, dont drink more than 3 litres a day as u will drown (not kidding)

  4. Gritli said :

    If you are taking a lot of fibre decrease on that, dried Bilberries or blueberry’s are excellent. From the Doctor Loperamide Hydrochloride work very quickly and Fybogel (over the counter) does also the trick, although it seems ironic because it’s usually prescribed for constipation, but it just balances the motion. Chamomile tea is good for digestion and helps the stomach to settle when one has indigestion and it also can relax you.

  5. tassos v said :

    Eat only salted, boiled pudding rice- drink the juice of 2 lemons (neat) and nothing else; Repeat lemon-juice drink immediately after every bowel movement and you’ll be fine in no time.

    I stress- pudding rice only, no other type of rice and it must be still in its water that was cooked in.

    Don’t delay, start now and ignore all other answers if you want to get better soon.

  6. ian SPACEBOY said :

    Imodium asda uk small lay on tongue get system back out of overdrive

    have you eased food for the 2 days me lasted 3 dizzy spell on wed
    by sat almost fainted in tesco food reserves gone so find a food like rise lite stuff and quarantine yourself for 2 week you know every thing is work by you first pump in stinks

    and if no stop doctor

  7. Dieter L said :

    It depends why you have diarrhea, chamomile would help a bit if it is a nervous condition.
    Other wise, make sure you drink a lot of water, because diarrhea is very dehydrating, and drink black tea, which is an a stringent and eat dry toasted bread. Pro-biotics will help if the diarrhea is due spoiled food. If it is a virus, you may go to the chemist and get something to limit the symptoms..

  8. big owl said :

    Try ordinary flour with water …you should really go and see your doctor and don`t wait much longer.

  9. Annie said :

    i think bananas are supposed to help x

  10. Dr Frank said :

    There is good evidence that in fact antidiarrhoeal drugs prolong the illness, basically by retaining infected material inside the body for longer.

    Stick to clear fluids, absolutely no milk products and perhaps dry toast and biscuits. Purists suggest clear fluids only, but there is some evidence that this produces loose ‘starvation stools’.

  11. Al-Andalus JCαt ⓛⓞ♡ⓔ❀ said :

    An old-fashioned remedy that really does work is Kaolin in a liquid form that you can find in most Pharmacies. Take a probiotic capsule too….you can purchase this form any health shop. Marshmallow extract or Slippery elm [powder] can help with any stomach/intestinal irritation caused by diarrhea.

    Drink lots of fluids, avoid milk for now. Apples and bananas may help as they contain pectin that has binding properties. Eat well-cooked carrots and rice and white [without wheat fibre] bread. Chamomile tea could make it worse….its a good remedy for opening up the bowels.

    Hope you get better soon. Sea a doctor if this continues.
    Best wishes.


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