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How should i lose weight fast?

Alright well yeah im 176 pounds, and i want to get down to 140 and get a 6 pack, i used to lift but i stopped after i got hurt playing football torn a ligament in my knee, but if so can you helpers tell me like a food way or like simple things to do decrease my weight quick?

Thanks =]]]

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6 Responses to “How should i lose weight fast?”

  1. Mr. Angry said :

    losing weight is a slow process

    but good diet and lots of cardio is the way to go

  2. Fitness Expert said :

    Try the Fat X fat burning workouts. They’re free at…

  3. Jason M said :

    Cardio such as running and swimming are great for this. Of course it’ll take time


    yeah its a slow process u cant force it w/ PRODUCTS and shit if u do u will lose weight but gain it right back just do it the right way u know what it is and also if u lose the Weight the wrong way ur body will set an even higher bar for what ur weight should be so you actually be gaining even more weight than what u yeah w/e just throwing some knowledge ur way

  5. awoody1707 said :

    brisk walk for an hour b4 breakfast every day plus do weights 3 times per week. For more detail go to :

  6. ☠[S][Ç�][Å][Ņ]☠ said :

    yeah listen to what i’m saying & u’ll be fine! drink a glass of milk for breakfast & a slice of grilled fish with lemon & for dinner go for a single fruit such as orange! do hard dances such as shuffle so you start sweating! you’ll lose much weight fast BUT also eat some vitamin pills(to keep u healthy)! for 6 pack do only 6pack exercises! simple at home like this one
    once a week eat whatever u heart desires it makes u keep on doing what u doing!
    i’m sure it’ll help you!
    i losed 10 pounds in 4 days! u can lose 36 pounds in a month or so!
    JUST DO IT! 😀


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