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How safe and healthy is the Djarum cigarette?

I am trying to research this brand of cigarette and I hear that it is better then regular cigarettes full of nicotine and tobacco and that it has a clove leaf in it and is not harmful.

Can someone please give me information on how healthy this cigarettes is or how unhealthy it is.
How can it be compared to your average cigarette?

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5 Responses to “How safe and healthy is the Djarum cigarette?”

  1. Cate15 said :

    i smoke them. theyre much smoother and taste much better. apprantly they have healing properties. doubt there much truth in it but they are definatlly a great smoke. i like to keep them for special occasions.

  2. ki$$ it. said :

    they contain methamphetamine and ketamine..

    they are lethal

    dont touch them.

  3. maria d said :


  4. John E said :

    maybe no nicotine or tobacco, which stops them being addictive, but they still contain tar, which causes black and sticky lungs.

    picture yourself, in a chair, with an oxygen tank, unable to speak, at the age of 40, dying from throat cancer, lung cancer, bronchitis, and all the rest of them, telling your young children goodbye, beecause you’re dying. never seeing your grandchildren grow up. . .

  5. indonesia store said :

    all cigarette are no healty. The problem is with your lung. Event it was a clove cigarette. Cigarette is still cigarette.


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