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How quickly would I loose weight?

I did this a few years ago and it seemed to work…. Just any ideas or suggestions would help.
Ive been working out steady for 4months just cant seem to get my diet right.
If I would only eat grilled chicken either plain or in a salad, with a fat free or lowcal dressing
also eat veggies and a few fruits
only drink diet pop but mostly water
how quickly could I loose this 30lbs I want to get off
this would include about 2 to 3 hours of cardio a week and some strength training

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5 Responses to “How quickly would I loose weight?”

  1. musclebobbuffpants01 said :

    the biggest thing about weight loss is nailing the diet, so you must lower your carb intake and your calorie intake.

    Providing your exersizing correctly and eating less than you burn, you will loose weight.

    some tips:

    count up the carbs and cals your getting from your food and lower it accordingly
    Decrease carbs intake
    Decrease calorie intake
    ditch any junk, ie the pop thats full of simple carbs
    small meals, 3 a day breakfast lunch and dinner

  2. Lyn B said :

    To loose real fat (weight) 2 to 3 pounds per week is maximum. See healthy plan as follows:
    ·It is important to maintain a good diet so you don’t compromise your health. Damage done because of lack of nutrition is not worth a nice body. Some diet damage cannot be fixed.
    ·When you deprive your brain, the brain will take other body cells to convert to the elements that it needs. And the cells it takes are BRAIN cells. OOPS. I don’t want to lose brain cells to have thin legs. But I would like to have both.

    Also, a quick weight loss is usually a water loss and that loss will come back ASAP. You cannot loose FAT more than 2 to 3 pounds a week. Any more than that and you are loosing water and muscle mass (not good)


    1) fruits and veggies, all you want, organic, raw, vine-ripe if possible. Steamed is OK, sautéed is OK even canned or frozen is OK, but lots of them.
    2) limited or no meat.
    3) nothing fried
    4) no FAST FOOD- is junk, no nutrition, empty calories
    5) NO PROCESSED FOOD. if you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it.
    6) nothing white, salt, sugar, mayo, milk, (or at least in moderation.
    7) NO DAIRY-dairy is great for baby cows, your body does not even digest it properly. check out
    8) EXERCISE- and be sure to refresh your body with water and fresh fruit
    9) NO PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS. Muscle is made from water, replace the water. You get enough protein from the food you eat, You get more protein from spinach than the supplements you take and your body does not get toxic on food protein the way it will with supplements. Supplements can really tax you liver.
    10) Good supplement would be Omega 3, and B-12 and Juice Plus+….
    11) NO CARBONATED DRINKS, or at least limited. They actually dissolve the calcium in your bones.
    12) Calories in calories out.


    And the spell check would not work, so if I messed up please forgive.

  3. Wooderson said :

    It’s all about calories in and calories out.

    Try this:


    non fat yogurt (1 cup) mixed with dry oatmeal for breakfast (if you need flavor, mix in a handful of blueberries or raspberries).


    Egg whites 1/2 pint, with peppers, onions and any other veggies and some lean ham or canadian bacon (one slice)


    One piece of fruit of your choice.


    Either another egg white omelet, or a grilled chicken/turkey/fish and a plate of veggies.


    Small packet (90 calories) of tuna (no mayo), or a protein bar.

    Dinner: Same as lunch.

    Work out cardio 30 minutes every morning – strength train 2 days a week, full body workout both times.

  4. shirls said :

    your diet needs to have three things in each meal. protien, whole grain, and a fruit or a veggie. do this combo any time you eat, and eat five to six times a day. make sure they are small meals. and choose lean meats, and lower fat items. your body needs these three elements to live. keep doing your cardio, and lifting weights. intensify though. if you’ve been doing the same thing for 4 months, then it is time to push yourself harder. your workouts should always almost kill you, if not your being too easy on yourself. either add an incline on say the treadmill, or add a little heavier weights to your weight session. at first you will be really sore, but you will start to see some changes. also if there is something you love, but you know is bad, take it out of your diet, or even cut back and you will see some shedded pounds. also make sure you measure your waist and go by that number too. the scale dosen’t always show weight lost, because it weighs everything, so if you gain muscle, the scale won’t say you’ve lost weight.

  5. Ms Thang said :

    First thing, you shouldn’t label your eating habits as a diet; you should think of it as a lifestyle change. Make sure whatever habits you develop it’s something you can maintain for the rest of your life. Otherwise if you go back to your old habits you’ll just put the weight back on.

    Also don’t limit or deprive yourself. Your diet may be fine but your portion sizes may be too big. Keeping a food log has helped me tremendously in this area. It keeps you accountable for what you eat and how much. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just what you eat, the amount, and the calories if you have access to that information.

    I believe if you watch your calorie intake and continue to exercise, you should lose 1-2 lbs. a week, which is a safe amount.


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