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How much weight will I loose and how quickly?

If I eat approx 740 calories a day of (noodles )
Drink 8 or so glasses of water a day
Then have maybe some fruit as a snack
And do an hour of exercise a day (either singles tennis, swimming, or walking depending on the day )
Then how quickly will I loose weight ? and how much can I expect to loose?

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3 Responses to “How much weight will I loose and how quickly?”

  1. LVS said :

    Noodles are all carbs and will turn to fat. Try eating more veggies, fruits that have the good carbs and meat.

  2. britney r said :

    I can’t honestly say, but I think you would get tired of eating noodles. Eat the good food like chicken and enjoy life. You still should excersize and be healthy.

  3. moderatorlinkfromgaiaisgay said :

    You should eat more often but eat smaller meals.

    This will keep your metabolism going. Water is always a good idea, even when you’re not dieting. ALso, maybe you should tone up rather than lose weight. Turning fat into muscle will firm up all those areas you want to work on and make you look slimmed down. You dont have to drop pounds to be in great shape.


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