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How much weight should I loose? honestly.?

Okay so I used to be small when I was younger, I was like a tom-boy and was always outside running etc. Then when I was like 13 I got lazy lol and stuff and gained mad weight then when I was 16 I weighed hmm I think it was 180 something allmost 190 then I lost a few pounds then my mom died, july 24th 2006 and I lost like so much weight, like 30 40 pounds! so yeah I seem to loose weight sort of quickly especially if im stressed out and stuff but lately I’ve just been eating really unhealthy, and im anemic so thats bad I hardly eat anything like literally yet im still fat I guess cuz when I do eat it’s mad late. my friends don’t think I am but my weight is still so high! i weigh155 some days 154 I am like 5’4 or 5’5 about.
let me take it off private give it a sec

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7 Responses to “How much weight should I loose? honestly.?”

  1. curiousity <3 said :

    the pictures dont work, your profile is on private.

  2. Miranda said :

    First of all I want to let you know that I could not see your picture for bc I’m not a myspace member. But from the description of yourself you may need to lose maybe 10 pounds. But honestly it goes with how healthy and physical you are. A quick hint on loosing weight do NOT skip meals. Eat at least 3 meals a day. If you can snack (healthy) through out the day that’s a great help in keeping your metabolism going. I understand it
    s heard to exercises through out the day but make it an effort to do 30 of activity at least 3 times a week. While at work just make sure to keep moving, tap your foot or use the steps instead of the elevator. Make changes to be healthy not skinny!
    p.s sorry if I got carried away, I’m working on being a dietitian.

  3. marlasinger5 said :

    no more then 10, but i didnt see the pics, so its possible you could look just fine. its not the number that is important, but the proportion, if you have some boob and butt, you are most likely at a good weight

  4. greenrose said :

    hello…i really don’t think that’s fat but if you don’t feel good just lose no more then 4 to 10 bounds….keep in mind that being healthy is the most importent thing.and you know the good thing that you loose weight fast :D..alright take care GOD bless you..salam…pease be with you….greenrose 🙂

  5. ninja said :

    You have a BMI of 26. 19 to 24 is normal. Get down to 115 pounds for a BMI of 20. There are more diets than ever and more people dieting than ever and yet we have the fattest society ever. So a lot of these ideas about losing weight, make you fatter. Cutting calories, carbs and fats can cause you to have a weight problem for life. It is better to eat differently. See site below and learn why lean meat and non-fat yogurt are so fattening. The people counting calories are the fat people.

    Also salt has no calories but makes you fat. This also has the quickest weight loss possible. Eat good carbs, not bad carbs. Nourish your body thin, instead of starving your body fat. Eat foods made by nature
    and avoid foods made by man which are designed to make you fat and very addicted to many foods.

  6. Courtney D said :

    I don’t think you need to lose weight but if your truly consered about it maybe 6-10 pounds.

  7. smilingmonkey77 said :

    maybe a little i think that is a little over weight. Just stay healthy


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