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How much weight did you lose by swimming only?

Hi people. I am looking to shed some pounds. I don’t normally eat alot. And I am always running around at work, but can’t lose the weight. I was wondering if anyone tried just swiming laps to lose weight, and if so, how fast did you lose the weight?

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3 Responses to “How much weight did you lose by swimming only?”

  1. Fitness Expert said :

    loosing the weight is not the big deal. You can easily lose your weight naturally, quickly and in healthy way. Here are some of the great eating tips, weight loss tips and the treadmill exercises which will surely help you to lose your weight:

  2. Mai said :

    Your not going to like the answer to this question, but…
    If you know how to ride a bicycle…do it.!!!
    (and eat just a tiny bit less of everything…and drink more water…it dilutes the amount of fat that is stored after you eat…) (and sorry…no candy, anymore…)
    I needed to drop some excess, so I started riding my bike (NOT as an exercise thing) but as a getting something done thing…(within a 2 mile radius…distance will vary based on living area, but the longer the ride, the quicker the pounds drop
    Need a video? Ride the bike…
    Need some tomatoes? Ride the bike…
    Want to chat with your friend, Agnes? Ride the bike…
    Need some Ice Cream? Ride the bike in the opposite direction…
    Need some whatever? Ride the bike…

  3. WEIGHT CONTROL said :

    Swimming is a good way of losing weight. In fact, you can lose weight simply by swimming.
    You also keep healthy swimming.


  4. Ab Workouts For Beginners said :

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