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How much push ups should I do to get a slimmer arm?

Also any other excecises I can do to get a slimmer arm? (swimming I already noe that)

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6 Responses to “How much push ups should I do to get a slimmer arm?”

  1. Pinkt41 said :

    like 20 a day everyday till the fat goes away

  2. Sue Chef said :

    try some hand held barbells which focus on arms.

  3. maliolani said :

    Spot reducing is a myth. It doesn’t work. If you have extra fat on your arm, the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of fat all over your body, so any kind of exercise will help a bit. Doing something like push ups builds muscle but has nothing to do with making fat in the area of that muscle go away.

  4. AnswerMachine said :

    You may do 100 push ups in a row and like 1000 per day if u eat like a big hole then it won’t help. Do u get the idea. The less and the better you’ll eat the less you’ll have to suffer with push ups. I do 60 in a row &nd don’t even need to do push ups since i’m not at all one of those fat ppl

    Taht person who say taht push ups won’t help to waste your fat is wrong; doing muscular exercises is the best way to loose fat, even better than jogging . It works but if before and after you eat like a big hole it won’t help at all

  5. Cayt said :

    Do as many as you possibly can do! it works for me, but don’t over work your self, and give yourself brakes. try starting off with sets of 25 and increase from there.

  6. poor-dude said :

    maliolani is correct, spot-reducing does not work. You body will decide where to take the fat from, exercising a certain body part with the goal of buring fat at the one spot is not going to work.

    first, it does not matter if you are male of female. There aren’t separate rules/diets/exercises for guys and girls. Females do not have the genetic potential or hormone level that males have, so they recover a little slower and do not build as much muscle. But, women should absolutely weight-train.

    The best, most effective, healthiest way to lose fat, and gain muscle is through a combination of diet, weight-training, and cardio.

    There is a some GENERAL guide lines:

    cardio: perform cardio 3-5 time/week. Slowly increase your time until you read 45-60 minutes. If you do not want you run, you could walk on an inclined treadmill, or do “stadiums” (walking/jogging up flights of stairs).

    diet – if DO NOT EAT ENOUGH food, you will lose muscle (become more flabby) and you will screw-up your metabolism – it will slow down resulting in it becoming more difficult to lose weight. To really figure out your diet, you need to know: your body weight and percent body fat.

    Resistance/weight training: most body parts can be train twice/week – but it will take some time to adapt to weight-training so take it easy. Do not push yourself in the beginning or you may get injured. This is not something an individual just jumps into. Correct form is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abs, calves, and forearms can be trained 3-4 times/week.


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