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How much muscle could i gain over the summer?

I am 16 years old. 5ft10 and 142lbs. I have never really done any serious workouts before. I want to get bigger over the summer. I was wondering if i worked hard how much muscle i could gain by summer’s end. What exercises should i do? How many times? And any other tips that would help me gain muscle fast. Thanks!

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One Response to “How much muscle could i gain over the summer?”

  1. Afteradream said:

    Don’t expect o blow up in size, you will gain good amount in first month cuz of newbie gains when your body gets a shock from training and then on other months you can gain at most 2lbs of muscle a month. That is if you eat 500 calories more then your maintenance level is and if you don’t overtrain. For more info on nutrition go here:

    For a workout program go here:



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