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How much fat loss can I expect?

I want to do INSANITY by beach body for cardio and I’m doing high school football conditioning for weight training/cardio and I’m doing my own weight training at the gym(Max-OT training). How much fat can I lose in 60 days if I eat correctly? I’m 14 5’10” 185 pounds 20% body fat.

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2 Responses to “How much fat loss can I expect?”

  1. kikicat13 said :

    um…I can’t tell u anything with stats and math…just personal experience

    well first how much u lose depends on how badly u were eating at first.

    second, I don’t know how much u excersize but yeah ur doing something and eating right and excersizing exccentuate each other. Just eating right without excersizing won’t help u loose anything except maybe muscle mass. (well yes u loose fat…but very slowly). Basically if u have fat to begin with, excersize for AT LEAST 30 minutes every 2 days and eat right (as in perfect portions, not too much sugar, and no a potato chip isn’t being healthy kind of way…) then yes u will loose fat…it depends on ur body but I’m guessing 5 lbs in a couple days/….

  2. RCRM said :

    Maybe 10-15 pounds altogether.

    For more tips on how to lose fat check out:


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