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How much does it cost at 24 fitness for a month?

I go to college and during winter break i would like to get in shape and i was wondering does 24 fitness let you buy just a 1 month pass? If so how much would it be? Also my younger brother wants to go also do they allow 14 year old kids to get memberships too? If 24 fitness doesn’t does anyone know any other place? Thank you very much.

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One Response to “How much does it cost at 24 fitness for a month?”

  1. yogaman007 said :

    You can sometimes get a school discount or employer discount. Not sure how much it costs for just a month. but if you get an annual or yearly membership, it costs about $30/month if its a sports facility. Some people I know have gotten a much better deal by going for a single gym membership instead of country-wide membership . Also if you get a 2 or 3 year membership, its even cheaper.


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