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How much does asthma medicine for a nebulizer cost?

My girlfriend may need to get a nebulizer to treat her asthma. We are having trouble finding an average cost for the medicine used with one. I realize that there different medicines that can be used, but what is the average cost we can expect for the medicine?

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5 Responses to “How much does asthma medicine for a nebulizer cost?”

  1. Jewel said :

    Without insurance, Albuterol Nebulizer solution costs $67 for a supply that would last for 15 days. With insurance, it cost me 5 dollars

  2. falon said :

    for my son it cost 50$

  3. Jack said :

    It will cost between $100-$300

    for more information about nebulizer, Follow this link

  4. Brittany said :

    The actualy nebulizer is pretty pricy…from 100 to 300 hundred dollars and the actualy medicine itself actually is pretty cheep, about 55 dollars but it comes with 50 vial tubes and only one is needed in each treatment.
    THen again you need to see what your insurance covers because with our insurance the machine cost $50 and the medicine $22.
    Good Luck, hope you can find your answer!

  5. Erica said :

    I was recently put on a nebulizer and I was worried about the cost, If the doctor gives her the prescription for albuterol then wal-mart has there $4 dollar list of medicines that they fill. Take a look at that one.


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