How much better did your life get once you lost weight?

To anyone who has ever been overweight and then went on to lose that weight, how much did your life improve once you finally lost the weight? Did you still see yourself as fat? Did you finally have everything you’ve ever wanted?

I suppose I just want to know what it feels like to FINALLY lose al the weight you’ve been meaning to do your entire life.

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2 Responses to “How much better did your life get once you lost weight?”

  1. Aaliyahjay said:

    Hi Maggie,
    okay so I wasn’t exactly overweight I was 112 pounds, but I thought I was fat so I became anorexic. Which I still am struggling with, unfortunately. I am 15 now and 4’11, I know short right? But when I started I was about 13-14. I currently weigh 82 pounds. Before I lost the weight I was happier, I had friends, I ate everything all day, I only felt bad when I would look ate celebrities or skinny girls. So I thought I wanted to look like them so I started fasting, then binge eating, then drinking 0 calorie tea and eating 0 calorie pickles, and then I was still drinking the tea and drinking water and chewing gum and sucking on hard candies and I’m still doing that now. Now I feel different I’m so skinny I can literally see most of my bones. I look sick I try to eat normal, but I don’t really eat at all I just chew gum or hard candies. It’s so hard and also I wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it when I think about food. So my life has pretty much been depressive and hard and definitely emotional. If you’re going to lose weight please so it the healthy way. I am not social at all because everyone was getting worried that I wasn’t eating and tried to make me eat and I got tired because I felt like they were trying to make me fat.

  2. Carol Resendez said:

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