How many situps should I do each day to get results quickly?

I am a teenager, therefore still growing, so I can loose weight quickly… but how many situps should I do in a day to tone my stomach?

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3 Responses to “How many situps should I do each day to get results quickly?”

  1. sιмρℓε ℓιe ۞ said:

    As much as possible, the more you do the more results you get but don’t do them every day, try doing them every other day because this way you will help your muscles rest and build up better.

  2. Debbie said:

    Start with up to what you can reach, then add 10 on your next sit ups.

  3. sailorknightwing said:

    Situps won’t make you lose weight. They’ll tone the muscles under the belly fat, but you won’t be able to SEE the muscles if you don’t also get rid of the belly fat. You need to do cardio (running, jogging, jump rope, kickboxing, things that make you breathe hard and sweat) in addition to situps, preferably right before in the same workout session.


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