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How many pounds of muscle can you gain per week?

What is the maximum pounds of muscle can I gain per week? What is a plan that could help me gain the weight? I need to gain weight, about 2lbs per week as by my doctor, but I want to know how I can gain muscle.
How can I gain 10 lbs without looking like I gained 10 lbs?

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5 Responses to “How many pounds of muscle can you gain per week?”

  1. Eros21 said :

    go to this website.

  2. juju said :

    according to the personal trainer,, 1 pound will be ideal

  3. knownotall person here how about said :

    muscles built up is bad for bones and ligaments as it put more pressure on the bone.

    So leave them as such

  4. Carp said :

    Simply put, strenght training. Intense weight training, proper nutrition, and rest. If the Dr said to do it, he should have given you a plan.

    Strengthening your muscles is not bad for bones and ligaments. Weight training aids in building strong bones, increasing metabolism, and stabilizing joints(especially after injury).

  5. debrock16 said :

    Refer to the website:


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