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How many portions of food and drink do you have to have to maintain a healthy diet?

Hi I’ve been wanting to diet for a long time but I’m not really sure how many portions of each catagory of food I should have a day.I need help. Because I am not that healthy I need the circle of good health in other words I need how many fruit, fat,vegtables ect. A day so could anyone help me lose my extra fat?

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2 Responses to “How many portions of food and drink do you have to have to maintain a healthy diet?”

  1. Brad G said :

    You should try to consume 5-6 meals a day that all contain elements from each food group. Women should consume no less than 1200 calories a day and men no less than 1800.

  2. Ms Z said :

    I go by my own rules. But I eat well.

    I try and eat some nuts, an apple and a banana everyday. In the summer, I eat an orange too.

    I eat about 5-6 little meals a day, I graze like a cow.

    I find this great because 1. I never over eat, 2. when I do eat “bad” foods, I can’t eat as much, because my body is used to smaller amounts and 3. I like to eat and it feels like I eat lots.

    It can be hard because your body expects to get fed every 2 hours, so you need to learn to carry around some fruit, granola bars etc.

    But the best thing is to add some cardio, some walking, anything to get your heart pumping too.

    I just found out that you can do little things, like do as many pushup as you can 4-5 times a day, same with sit ups…it sounds so easy and quick.

    good luck


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