how many miles a day do you have to run to loose weight fast?

How many miles do you think would need to run to loose weight faster?…no hurry but the faster the better. say to loose 20lbs how many miles should you run a day? any suggestions? thnx

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2 Responses to “how many miles a day do you have to run to loose weight fast?”

  1. virtual robin hood helper said:

    well, to answer your question….. you can’t exactly lose 20lbs just by running. You need to do more than that. I guess running about 2.5 miles a day would be a start next would be 3 miles. You’ll also need to eat less, and do other exercises such as swimming, crunches, bicycling, jumping jacks, etc. So all I’m saying is you need to do more than running in order to reach the goal of losing 20 lbs. Running does help lose weight tho. I recommend using Turbo Jam. You may visit their website to check it out if you have some spare money. Turbo Jam helps you lose weight even faster/ tones your body.

  2. Sh! said:

    you shouldnt lose more than two and a half pounds per week so your looking at two months of regular dieting.


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