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how many fruits a day for fat loss diet?

hi i’m 5’7 and i weigh 130. i’m skinny but i’m on fat loss diet (not weight loss) i plan to eat about 4~5 fruits a day about 1 a each meal and i was wondering if that amount is good? how many would be sufficient for fat loss diet? enough but not too much to gain weight?

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One Response to “how many fruits a day for fat loss diet?”

  1. Mabel C said :

    its not about how many fruits a day but its more about at what time…having only fruits at breakfast is the best way to activate your body into losing fat…and it also depends on which fruit…if u eat bananas then thats not going to help u…research shows that bananas actually help gain weight/fat…they have fat content…the best fruit would be watermelon but also control what else u eat…try a only fruit day for one day and eat normal the next…you’ll have amazing results.


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