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How many calories would you guess were in my salad?

I got a salad from Saladworks for lunch today, but I don’t know how many calories it holds. I can’t look it up online because it was custom made, but it included lettuce which was a mix of romaine and iceberg, carrots, baby shrimp, turkey, Parmesan cheese and egg whites. Can I please have your best guesstimate?

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5 Responses to “How many calories would you guess were in my salad?”

  1. thuglife786 said :

    i would say 250 300 arround about that

  2. Steve H said :

    probably 300

  3. Cookies said :

    Hey listen, I know this may not sound helpful but heres the thing. You shouldnt be so worried about the calorie intake, you already are doing your body a favor with the salad, so dont think about the calories! No one counts the calories in a salad! What is important is the nutrition you are getting from it, not the cut back on fat. Besides, it will be so easy to burn off because of the water in the romaine and iceberg. So please, dont count every little raisin you eat, just enjoy food and be healthy!

  4. Brooke said :

    About 350 I would say.

  5. dancerforever said :



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