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How many calories would someone have to eat to gain a pound?

How many extra calories would someone have to eat to gain weight? I ate about 100 extra calories today, is that going to effect my weight?

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9 Responses to “How many calories would someone have to eat to gain a pound?”

  1. storage b said :


    100 extra calories is pretty much nothing
    thats like drinking another little juice box
    it wont change ur weight

    and im sure 1300 calories is a pound

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  2. kurticus1024 said :


  3. claireybearyfairy said :

    For both questions- all depends on your metabolism

  4. jamie101 said :

    i think 3600 for a lbs but i’m not sure

  5. sara said :

    3500 cals equals a pound. You will have to eat 3500 more cals than what you burn off for that day

  6. anon.. said :

    none of above are correct: its all about your metabolism.. for some people gaining a pound is simple by a 3 burgers but others it may be eating double the usual intake

  7. SD said :

    Something like 3,000 or more.

  8. Melissa said :

    It takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound of body weight.

  9. moonbeam said :

    3,200 calories. however, you can’t just eat 3,200 calories and expect to gain a pound. the way it works is that you have to consume 3,200 more calories than your body uses. and it is burning calories all the time. the less activity you do the less calories you burn. also, if you have a high metabolism, you use more calories than a person with a low metabolism. it is an individual thing. the only constant is that 1 lb of fat=3,200 calories


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