How many calories sould someone like me consume daily?

I am a 12 year old boy, and I am about 5’9 1/2. I was just wondering how many calories I should consume a day, I am obviously growing faster than a lot of people do.

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4 Responses to “How many calories sould someone like me consume daily?”

  1. Kelsey said:

    2000 calories of healthy foods. serving of chips wont affect you as long as your metabolism is up (:
    Good luck!

    ** also, you are 5 inches taller than me and 4 years younger. what is with that?! haha

  2. bobbe hagadorn said:

    Calories is a big subject when it comes to weight loss. We need to understand three definitions: the amount of calories in our food, the amount of calories a certain physical action burns every sixty minutes, and last but not least our own personal daily limit of calories. I discovered the responses to all of these queries by visiting the website in the box below, they have a lot of tips, I lost 6 pounds by following their helpful advice.

  3. Tim said:

    If you wanted to find out exactly how many calories you need, you would also need to list your weight and how much you normally exercise. Use this website to help you figure it out

  4. curious said:

    Don’t worry about how many calories you consume. Just make sure that you ALWAYS eat when you’re hungry. You need to make sure that you eat enough so that your body continues to grow and your brain developes properly.

    Parents usaully remind their kids to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but don’t neglect protein either. Make sure to eat meat at least 3 times per day or drink protein shakes.

    Happy growing 🙂


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