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How many calories should you burn a day?

How many calories should you consume a day, how many is too little, and how much is the MAX to burn in a workout? Is burning more than you eat in one day terrible?

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7 Responses to “How many calories should you burn a day?”

  1. Jj said:

    ex: you eat 2000, you burn 2000

    keeps weight off but lets you pig out ( :

  2. robin said:



  3. Aaron said:

    man, i just you know you a fat one
    so i suggest between 20000-40000 daily
    and cut back on da burgers

  4. 7kst12 said:

    It depends on what your goal is:

    Maintain your weight –> burn as many calories as you eat
    Lose weight –> burn more calories than you eat
    Gain weight –> eat more calories than you burn

  5. Patrick M said:

    Anything under 1200 calories is too little to consume. Burning(including your BMR) 1000 more than you eat is tops you should do.

    Calories you should consume depends on a few factors. WebMD has a good calculator.

    There really isn’t a max you should burn in a workout, as long as you take in enough for that. If you ever look at the calorie count of a professional athlete, you’d be amazed.

  6. claudzxoxo said:

    Hmmm…im prety sure its not TERRIBLE….its gonna make u lose weight thats for sure! but ok, try to stay around 1200-1600 calories a day and if u burn 500 calories EVERY day for a week, by the end of the week u will lose a pound because -500 x 7 = -3500!! so yea if u wanna lose a pound a week, so that but if u wanna lose 2 pounds a week, u can cut ur BMR by 500 and then burn an extra 500 a day 😀 hope this helps! Good Luck!

  7. Stacy Hague said:

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