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How many calories should a pregnant woman consume?

First trimester you don’t add calories, right?

What about the second and third trimester?

How many calories do you add?

What should be the minimum for a pregnant woman to consume?

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5 Responses to “How many calories should a pregnant woman consume?”

  1. MissSmartt said :

    3000, eat healthy lots of water, fruits, veggies organic food. No fast food! Walk

  2. pugz said :

    An extra 200-300 per day.

  3. Neelam said :

    300 more than you usually have.

  4. Anry said :

    I think the best way to go see a Doctor!

    Good luck.

  5. mercedesguy06 said :

    add another 300 cals to the already 1200 calories. Just eat normal. don;t overeat or eat too much just because you are pregnant. stay away from peanuts, raw fish and eat cooked fish only once a week, don’t eat soft cheeses. you should only gain about 2 to 3 pounds a week and total about 25 to 30 pounds!


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