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How many calories of junk food is ok to eat a day?

Say someone eats 2000 calories a day, how many calories is it ok to have stuff like chocolate, sweets, empty calories, junk food? The rest of the calories being nutritional foods.

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5 Responses to “How many calories of junk food is ok to eat a day?”

  1. Cherise said :

    I would say around 150-200.

    Having too many sweets is bad for your body and your system. The more you eat of them the slower your body processes it, thus causing fat.

  2. Joe M said :

    All of the health freaks will say none. If you eat anything and it is in your calorie range, then you should be good.

  3. Louise said :

    Depending if you are male or female and structure, you shouldn’t eat over 1500 a day. I eat less then 1000 a day or alse i will gain weight. Stay away from junk food because it doesn’t fill you up, just makes you feel better. If you eat all that, before you know it, you’ll be 300lbs

  4. lv_consultant said :

    for optimum health and fitness you would want to consume less than 25 grams of sugar daily from unnatural sources. the human body simply does not need or benefit from the regular consumption of sugar. human biology is designed to tolerate small levels of simple sugars from fruits and vegetables and grains.

  5. Stephanie W said :

    A book I read in my college health class suggest a 90-10 eating plan. 90% is healthy, 10% fun food. So based on that, around 200 cal.


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