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How many calories does beer have in it?

How many calories does light beer have in it? How many calories would Corona have it? What about hard liquor?

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5 Responses to “How many calories does beer have in it?”

  1. rich2481 said :

    depends on the light beer,, miller lite has few, michelob ultra has few also, it is like drinking water,

    corona has alot but corona light has little,

    hard liquor has calories based on sugar content, it has even less than beer

  2. teddy bear jr said :

    Alcoholic beverage, distilled, all (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey) 100 proof 1 fl oz (27.8 g) 0 0 0 2 —– calories 82
    1 jigger 1.5 fl oz (27.8 g) 0 0 0 2.5 —-calories123.9

  3. stephen k said :

    Beer and a shot of booze is about 150 calories.

    light beer is under 100

  4. chefgrille said :

    I’m looking at a can of Miller Lite right now and it says 96 calories a can. And 3.2 grams of carbs.

  5. lipscomb216 said :

    Light beer is beer that has been urinated out by someone else. WTF is the point of drinking “light” beer. It tastes like crap, and only a crappy macrobrewery would put some thing like “lite” or “light” on their label. In summation, if it has light on the label, RUN. And get a tastebud while you’re striking.


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