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How many calories does a steam vegetables and a 3tbps of oyster sauce have?

I just want to know how many calories it is because I’m trying to avoid high in calories and fat foods so I hope you can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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3 Responses to “How many calories does a steam vegetables and a 3tbps of oyster sauce have?”

  1. Patrick M said :

    Why do you need to know specifics so bad?? stressing out over this stuff can actually make you gain weight, you know… just go for stuff that looks like it’s obviously low in fat and calories and go with that. But from the sound of it, it’s not going to have very many calories at all. Don’t worry about it so much and trust your judgment about what to eat and what not to eat, and read ingredient labels.

  2. Rab. said :

    Hi jhoanna, You don’t say what size the portion of vegetables are. You will get more calories from the oyster sauce because of the sugar and starch content – 3tbsp seems rather a lot for a portion – There are many “calorie Counting Sites” out there that will help you with the weights etc. I would be more worried about what you put on them. You should get the calories of the sauce from the bottle. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab

  3. Kristin said :

    Rab — are you from Pennsylvania?
    I have a friend with a considerable belly who says it’s from eating large platesful of broccoli, but … as earnest as he sounds, it’s got to be other things.


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