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How many calories do you think plastic has?

All these inedible things like plastic and metal, just out of curiosity, how many calories do you think they have?

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4 Responses to “How many calories do you think plastic has?”

  1. Annie D said :

    Calories are the amount of energy it produces when burned. I don’t believe that plastic is digestible, so for a human it would have zero calories.

  2. jsh said :

    As Annie mentioned, the calories available to your body from plastic through digestion are zero. Your body can’t capture any energy from it. However, it does contain calories such that if you burn it, it releases energy.

    calorie=amount of energy need to raise 1 mL of H2O, 1 degree celsius. And when you look at nutritional information on food labels, those calories are actually calorie*1000, or kilocalories. 1 calorie also = 4.18 joules.

  3. Brian T said :

    Depending on the configuration of the plastics, there is an incredable amount of calories in plastics. You don’t want to be in the same room where a sofa, chairs, and carpet (all with polyurathanes) backing are burning.
    Companies such as Dupont and Cellenese will give you the calories/gram of their products. Fire underrighters (insurance companies) will have this data too. They use it to calculate insurance rates for varous commercial buildings.

  4. bball lover said :

    nada (nothing)


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