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How many calories do you burn when riding a horse?

I have heard from different sources about how many calories you burn when riding horses. One of them said you burn 230 calories every 15 minutes, while another one said you burn 210 in 30 minutes. If any of you horsey-people know out there, give me an answer! Thanks!
Excuse me, but I love horses! I love riding my mare, Sandy, whenever I can, but unfortunantly, out ring is too wet and icey to be riding at this time of year 🙁 I had just heard from different sources how many calories you burn in a certain amount of time while riding horses, and I just wanted to see what some people’s ideas were about that. You do not have to become rude, it’s just a question. It would help if you could give me your estimate instead of criticizing me, okay?
Please don’t say that I am fat, either, because I am a very healthy weight for my age. My horse, though, could stand to lose a few pounds 🙂

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6 Responses to “How many calories do you burn when riding a horse?”

  1. Emilya said :

    well u must be fat because it really doesnt burn any,….but thats not waht horseback riding is about….so if all u care about is ur body then dont ride cause no 1 likes sumone like that and ur horse wont apercatiste it if he has to lugg u cause u weigh 2 much,,, GO RUN A LAP AROUND THE WORLd

  2. Skipping Stones said :

    If you’re trying to ride correctly, it’s a lot of work! It is wonderful exercise for your muscles, especially if trying to move with the horse and not just let him carry you. I found these websites that may help with your questions.

  3. lexaluvshorses said :

    if you are only worried about burning your fat hen you should nolt do horseback rdiing becuz it is only for people that twant ot learn bout horses and have fun . Horseback riding is not like soccer or baseball you dont get rid of all your weight by doing it horsebackriding helps your spine and your balance and some of your leg muscles and it helps your coordination and quick responses becuz you have to be able to tell the horse what it is doing wrong the second it goes off of the rail or turn the wrong way, also lots of ppl think you steer a horse with the reigns but actually you use your legs a lot to tell hium which way to go how fast to go and to make him move over and stuff so it doesnt reaklly matter how many calires u burn bcuz if you want to lose weight choose a different sport nd com eback to horsebackriding when you will actually want to l,earn abnout horses and how to be a good rider and not just lose a lot of weight – if you want to lose wight asnd be with horses at the same time bcome a stable hand and then you can carrry the tack around and lose wight becuz if u go to a big barn then you will have to carry it long ways

  4. m said :

    you may not be fat, and i have no idea how many calories it burns, but obese people who ride make me sick. do they even consider the horses comfort?

  5. myhorse-myworld said :

    Ignore all them people up there who are critizising you i.e. Emilya and lexaluvshorses …Horse riding is good for your muscles especially your belly muscles and in your thighs, so when you ride your horse for a good half an hour/hour you should be able to feel your muscles hurting. When your muscles build up they burn all your calories in your stomach and thighs and other body parts.. This is why you dont see “fat” dressage riders because when your doing the sitting trot your muscles are working and burning your calories… I hope this helped 😀 xx

  6. Asia Leibman said :

    Interesting website you have here, keep up the great work.


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