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How many calories did i loose when i done 20minutes on the treadmill?

I done 20minutes on the tread mill, how many calories did i loose?
Im 15.
Also does anyone know a website where i can put in how many minutes i done on the tread mill and it will tell me how many calories i lost?


Thank you xx

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6 Responses to “How many calories did i loose when i done 20minutes on the treadmill?”

  1. Soma said :

    A lot of weight loss workout that are available aren’t very good, but i have found this one place that may have what you’re looking for. They have many weight loss tips,stomach fat loss tips,exercise, etc with search support for you to find best tips which i think may help you.They’ll probably have what you’re looking for there.
    so’ have a look:-

  2. I am a girl said :

    it depends on your weight and metabolism.

    Use this:

  3. azn :) said :

    hi! 🙂 ur weight is also required.. here’s the website where u can find out just wat u need.. 🙂

    hopes this helps.. 🙂

  4. Lala said :

    it depends on how fast ur going

  5. lootin said :

    Alright you got to understand running will not really burn those extra calories. Unless your on for like a hour or 2 a day you really won’t burn anything that you couldn’t put back on with something as simple as a soda.

    What the point to running is, is to get your heart rate up so it can thus make you naturally burn fat faster through your metabolism. Right now maybe 20 mins is the most you can do, but ideally you want to run 30 mins everyday. At a point where your hearth rate is maybe 30-60 beats higher than resting.

    So basically run fast enough that it gets you tired, but not to fast that you can’t complete your 30 min work out. Usually you only need 30 mins everyday, but if you want to get faster results. Run 30 mins in morning and 30 mins at night.

    Also mix in things like crutches and push ups because like i said before its really not about loosing calories, its about burning fat off and getting into shape.

  6. Jane said :

    Hi Summer 2009,

    How many calories you burn mainly depends on your speed and on the gradient (walking uphill burns more calories). Walking on the treadmill burns less calories than jogging which burns less calories than running. It also depends on your weight, the heavier the person the more calories burnt.

    To give you an indication, below is the average number of calories burnt in 20 minutes by a 120 (54.4 kg) pounds user at zero gradient:

    Light walking (2 mph) on treadmill for 20 minutes – 78 calories
    Brisk walking (3 mph) on treadmill for 20 minutes – 107 calories
    Jogging (5 mph) on treadmill for 20 minutes – 165 calories
    Running (7 mph) on treadmill for 20 minutes – 223 calories

    A website where you can input treadmill related information (gradient, speed, time, distance, weight) and it will tell you how many calories you have burnt is the following:


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