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How many calories can you absorb in a day?

If I ate as much as humanly possible, in excess of 30,000 calories, how many of those calories would end up stored as fat? How many would be flushed out of my body?

Is there a threshold when your body decides to just stop taking in the calories you are eating?

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2 Responses to “How many calories can you absorb in a day?”

  1. 5135234 said :

    The answer you get will say how much calories you burn if you layed in bed and didn’t move an inch or ate (which means you need to eat at least that much)

    then you go here…

    And multiply it by how much you exercise and whatever number you get is how much you need to eat to MAINTAIN that weight. THEN if you want to lose weight, you cut 500 calories from your number and thats how much you should eat to lose weight each day. (healthily)

  2. Rainbow said :

    I’d say that all the food would stay in your stomach/intestines until it all got absorbed, which would take quite a while. I don’t really know, though.


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