How many calories are in home-made chicken soup?

White-meat chicken? Egg noodles? Corn? Celery? Chopped carrots? How many calories do you think are in our home-made chicken soup?
Sorry I didn’t make myself quite as clear as I probably needed to on the serving size and how it’s made. The truth is that I’m not really sure how it’s made — I’m never the one who makes it! Sorry … And most of the time, I’ll have about a half cup, containing mostly carrots and egg noodles.

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17 Responses to “How many calories are in home-made chicken soup?”

  1. Pablo P said:

    The real question you should be concerned about is does it contain any MSG.

  2. Aaron H said:

    100000000000 , lol dunno soz need the points 🙂

  3. PJ said:

    About 120 calories in 8 oz. About the same as Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup.

  4. cupidgirl. said:

    depends on what you put in it- Im guessing an avg of 200 cal/cup

  5. kaayla said:

    Usually under 350 per serving depending on whats put in it

  6. ChelseaMay said:

    It depends on what severing size you get.

  7. opalaggie said:

    that is hard to know without knowing how much of each thing you are using. if you go to you can look up the various health properties of different types of food. that might give you a good idea.

  8. mycathouse said:

    Totally depends on how you make it! If you remove the fat off the broth by refridgerating it and then scraping off the goo, and just add some basic low cal veggies (like carrots, celery, mushrooms and onions) it can be well under 100 calories per cup, even as low as 60. As soon as you start adding carbs with the corn, noodles, potatos, and what have you, then the sky cna be the limit calorie wise.

    You really need to just record all the ingredients you use, add up the total calories, and divide by how many servings you got.

  9. bigjoe85 said:

    well the only way you can truly find out…. it to write down everything that you add and look up the calories for each item, and how much you add of each…. to figure out the answer to that.

  10. colmenar said:

    Not many, check out the noodle pack as this is really where there cals come from. Never count calories just eat food that has less than 5% fat in it, this is a far better way to loose weight.

  11. chris said:
  12. ~Susakins Makoozakins~ said:
  13. SpotsB4myeyes said:

    Depends on what you put in it

    Progresso has 75 cal in one cup

  14. bgreenluver said:

    Well it all depends on the ingredients you add in it duhh

  15. Parrothead said:

    Depends on exactly how much you put in of what. I would check the labels of what you put in and then add up all the calories from all ingredients.

  16. Penny B said:

    probably about 150 per serving. The calories come from the pasta and meat more than anything else as well as the corn.

  17. Korey Eiseman said:

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