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How many calories are in a plain baked potato?

I am attempting to eat healthy with 1500 calorie a day diet and i am gonna have a baked potato for t every night with some things on it but how many calories are in the actual plain baked potato and any nice low fat ideas for toppings on it? 🙂 xx

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One Response to “How many calories are in a plain baked potato?”

  1. ♥Øh Mÿ♥ said :

    small (one inch diameter) 130 calories
    medium (3 inch diameter) 160 calories

    I suggest:
    veggies like lettuce (about 30 calories)
    I can’t believe it’s not butter ( 1 tablespoon [ too much! ] is 70 calories)
    2 tsp of sharp cheddar cheese (about 125 calories, but good for dairy)
    1 strip of bacon cut up into small pieces (about 80 calories)
    1 tablespoon Daisy sour cream (30 calories)


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