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How many calories are in a chicken burger approximately?

If it’s like just from the local chip shop, the chickens been fried but there’s nothing else in the burger. So including the buns how many calories is that all together?

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6 Responses to “How many calories are in a chicken burger approximately?”

  1. sursumcorda said :

    400-500 depending on the size of the chicken piece. Add another 80-100 if it has mayonnaise.

  2. Stacie T said :

    If it’s fried, it’s probably around 800-1000 calories and a ton of fat.

    If you love it, still eat it, but only once in awhile.

  3. Aajkal Aajkal said :

    depend chiken burger normli.120

  4. Lily said :

    Most likely 450 or so with a bun. Just have a normal burger instead.

  5. Me Want Cookie! said :

    compare it to a something at burger king, mcdonalds etc.
    but it depends on the size of the piece of chicken
    so if it was just buns and fried chicken..then the calories could be close to these
    a tendercrisp sandwich from bk has w/o anything – 580 calories
    a crispy chicken sandwich from mcdonalds w/o anything – 470 calories

  6. gage said :

    actually there is , if fried 625 (if from mcdonalds) but if its from your home with a bun, mayo, and a nice soda your eating, and drinking about 1000 aprox. but if just chicken bugar and manus from home 460.


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