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How long should you run on a treadmill?

Today i felt great after a 10 min run. Im 25 years old is that enough for my age?

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10 Responses to “How long should you run on a treadmill?”

  1. SERiFE <3 said :

    hmmm, 10 mins isnt enough if youre only using the treadmill, i think 30-45 mins is good 🙂 im 16 and i go for that long ^^ it does tire you out a little in the beginning but you get used to it and you feel great after 🙂

  2. toxicdrama7 said :

    30 minutes about 3 times a week is the best way to loose weight and tone up without injuring yourself 🙂

  3. Katie M said :

    That’s a good start. Build up slowly so it won’t be so painful. I usually run for about 30-45 minutes and that’s a pretty good work out for me but then again, I’m old. I’m 59.

  4. Lily said :

    30 minutes every day.

  5. Lyka said :

    10 minutes is fine. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard. I’ve read somewhere (sorry, I forgot!) that in a day, you should at least have 30 minutes for exercise.

  6. Gustavo said :

    Well in 26 and I usually run 30 min at 6 mph to get a good workout so to answer your question I don’t think that’s enough

  7. Ginny said :

    Normally, I think people should aim for at least twenty min outdoors which would be more on a treadmill…I would aim for like 30 or 40 min on a treadmill but you can always build up to it

  8. isaulte said :

    10 mins is OK as long as you are doing other exercise as well in your gym routine (including about 20 minutes of another kind of cardio).

    The trouble with running for any length of time on a treadmill is that it is boring. Try running outside for 30+ minutes for a free and interesting workout.

  9. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    This depends on what else you are doing at the same time. The recommendation is that you spend 30 minutes a day exercising. If all you are doing is going to the gym (I’ll assume that the treadmill is in the gym), running for 10 minutes and then gong home then its not. If you were to do some other things such as a cycle and a row for example, and all these add up to 30 minutes then that’s good.

    Now that’s on an exercise thing, but you can also consider why you want to run as well, if you want to run then 10 minutes is a good starting time to go for – you can build on the time later. If you felt good afterwards then keep going and running the same each session.

    One thing I would say about the treadmill is that you need to focus on a goal why you are running – just running for 10 minutes each session can get monotonous so try to make it a challenge every now and then – say, how fast you can do it, or if you can do it all on an incline or something to keep your mind focusing on something.

    Apart from that, this is a tricky answer to give without knowing you a bit – to some people, only a 10 minute run would be embarrassing, and to others it might have been the hardest thing ever

  10. Jacob said :

    i run fo a hour a day at 20 miles an hour
    and im 10 years old. i run evearyday


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