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how long should i be using the treadmill for?

im 13 and play inside centre and i want to get my fitness up for rugby. i have a treadmill in my house and use it about 3 times a week but i wanan get more serious with it. i usually do around 20-25 minutes fast jogging. is that good enough?

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4 Responses to “how long should i be using the treadmill for?”

  1. tomodaman_2 said :

    I would strongly recommend that you do shuttle runs and other sprints for your rugby fitness, as a lot of long distance running can slow you down.

    A set of sprints takes far less time than a long jog and is far more beneficial.

  2. ctjesse said :

    Doing Interval Training is the best. High intensity bursts followed by active recovery. E.g. 50m at max effort followed by 150m 60% effort for 5-10 minutes depending on fitness levels.

    This is the best because it matches the play of rugby. E.g. You get the ball and sprint, get tackled, after the ball is cleared you get back in position then you might get the ball again and sprint then run or pass. Same with defending. Sprint, tackle, get back in position and so on

  3. blm said :

    For overall cardio fitness 20-25 minutes three times a week is perfectly adequate. But as others have pointed out, the type of running you tend to do in rugby are short bursts of very intensive activity. By all means keep up with the treadmill — that is what will allow you to keep going in the 75th minute — but on other days add some sprint/interval training.

  4. S Baldrick said :

    Another idea is to use an exercise bike. Do say 20 mins on the bike and every 3 or 4 mins do 30 seconds at maximum effort. Having said that you are quite young to be doing intensive training, your bones and muscles are still growing and developing at that age so you don’t want to over do it – it could cause your muscles to grow much faster than you’re bones which can lead to problems later in life.


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