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How long does slim fast take to work?

If I stick to it can I loose a stone in a month or so?

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8 Responses to “How long does slim fast take to work?”

  1. JimD said:

    Hi, how are you doing!

    If your concerned about losing weight try reading the following article!

    Eat What You Like and Lose Weight. Really!

  2. Kelly D said:

    If you are wanting to loose any weight this HAS to be done hand in hand with an exercise programme… any so called diet is not going to be effective in the long term, you need to eat healthy and exercise

  3. Violet Pearl said:

    it doesn’t work- it’s called liquid candy. Eat healthy meals and exercise and you can drop maybe 1/2 a stone in a month

  4. Sam T said:

    read the label and go to its website and follow their plan.

  5. wizzards_23 said:

    Slim Fast is a diet plan that works, but not over the long term. I don’t know in pounds what a stone is, but if you have more than 20-30 pounds to lose, this plan doesn’t work over the long haul.

    The shakes are loaded with sugar for one thing, and also too much fiber or a laxative, which causes you to be in the bathroom more than you should be, especially mixed in milk.

    You should try a plan that allows you to eat anything you want, but in smaller quantities. It’s all about portion control and exercise.

  6. adorablesuperspy said:

    Lots of water and walk one mile a day. The rest is bull. Only chemicals.

  7. Lou C said:

    slim fast never worked for me.

    Protien shakes you make from powder mixed with water ( GNC Ampfiy (Choc. best flavor). I use stevia herbal sweetner. Ice in blender then water and then powder. You can add more protien by adding small spoon of peanut butter to choc. flavor.
    You can add different extracts flavoring to mix it up a bit also.

    Low carb / high protien diet and drinking lots of spring water and pool arobics works best for me.

  8. tricky said:

    hi, if you are in the U.K, have you heard of a diet called Lipotrim? you can join up through your pharmacy, it is a Total Food Replacement diet which costs £30 per week and you do the diet for as long as you like, (to get a head start on your weight loss or use it til you get to your goal weight) it is recommended by doctors and originally you could only get it through your GP but now it is available to anyone 3 stone or more overweight. it has ALL the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in a day. you have 3 shakes a day (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, or chicken flavour soup, or peanut or coconut flapjack (the flapjacks are repulsive and a last resort if you miss chewing something solid) i have been on it since Nov 22nd and have lost 3 and a half stone (49lbs) and i have never felt better, mostly due to the weight loss but also all the vitamins and minerals i have been getting through the shakes, my unhealthy eating limited the amount of goodness i was putting into my body. the diet has a “re-feeding programme” that you need to follow once you start eating again, it is not just a diet to help you lose weight, it breaks the food addiction and the re-feeding programme trains you about eating healthily and eating the correct amount.

    the bonus of this diet is the quick results, the downside is, it’s very hard, you will miss food and want to cheat but you can’t as you have to follow all the rules in order for it to work properly. if you have anymore questions, feel free to email me via yahoo.

    P.S, you normally lose a MINIMUM of 1 stone a month, you can actually lose that in the first week (tho alot of that will be water) i lost 11 and a half lbs the first week and my friend lost 16lbs in her first week.

    and to MUMMY who has been emailing me with abuse and calling me “fat” names, if you had bothered to read this answer properly, you would see that i can’t do Lipotrim AND slimfast at the same time. get a life and grow up, you really expect me to believe a mother would behave in the disgusting manner you have? no, i think you are a person extremely deluded, living a single lonely existence. AND i no longer have a weight problem, i am a healthy size 14 now.


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